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Total Tool Supply sells, rents, and services all type of powered and manual hoists. We represent the most widely recognized brands in the industry. Including; R&M, Yale, Shaw Box, Coffing, Budgit, and CM. We service the upper Midwest with our locations in, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Michigan. We offer in-house and on-site repairs for all major brands of hoisting equipment as well as on-site inspections and repairs.

Chain Hoists

Lift by pulling the chain through sprockets and depositing the chain into a chain container are more common for applications below 7.5 tons, require less maintenance, and are typically less expensive.
Wire Rope Hoists

Lift by wrapping cable around a grooved drum. Dominate the market at 10 tons and above, offer very fast lifting speeds, offer a wide array of options, can be rated H-5 (severe duty).
Manual Hoists


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