Friday, June 23, 2017

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Chain is an important tool in rigging. That is why we stock a wide variety of chain and components. Chain is made out of steel links that are then forged together at a high temperature. There are different grades of chain for different uses:

Grade 30 Proof Coil - 
a general purpose utility chain used for pulling, logging or towing. 

Grade 40 High Test -
 has a higher tensile strength than Grade 30 used for hauling and other general purpose applications.

Grade 70 Transport -
 primarily used for load binding in the transportation industry due to its light weight and high tensile strength.

Grade 80 Alloy -
 a high tensile strength chain designed to be used in lifting applications manufactered by Gunnebo Johnson corp. All Grade 80 chain and components are proof tested at their factory.

Grade 100 Alloy - 
25% stronger than Grade 80. Combine with GrabiQ components.


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