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Rigging & Signal Person Training

Rigging Training - All lifting operations are dangerous. The goal of this training is to make lifting operations as safe as possible. Attendees will learn more about rigging gear use and maintenance and general rigging and listing safety.

Rigging Training Topics:

    • Inspection and removal criteria per OSHA and ASME.
    • Safe Rigging practices.
    • Factors that effect Working Load Limit.
    • and more!

Signal Training - a signal person is required when the point of operation is not in full view of the operator, the operator's view is obstructed in the direction of the equipment is traveling, or because of site-specific safety concerns.

Signal Training topics:

    • Know and understand type of signals used at worksite level.
    • Competency in using signals.
    • Understanding the operations and limits of equipment.
    • and more!

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Rigging & Signal Training

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E-Learning – Rigging / Signal Person / Cranes

Total Tool Supply is a member of the Industrial Training International Advanced Rigging Network - a training partnership providing world class crane and rigging training to member customers like you. 


Signalperson & Basic Rigger - Are your people Qualified?
E-Learning Courses: 

Basic Rigger  Signalperson & Crane Operations 
Intermediate Rigging Advanced Rigging
 4 hrs | $145 4 hrs | $145 3 hrs | $195 3 hrs | $195
• Rigging Identification
• Steel Slings
• Synthetic Slings
• Rigging Hardware
• Hitch Capacities and Sling Protection
• Crane Operations
• Knots, Hitches, Taglines
• Hand Signals
• Voice Signals
• Journeyman Rigger's Reference Card Orientation
• Load Weight Estimation
• Center of Gravity
• Load Distribution
• Sling Tension
• Master Rigger's Reference Card Orientation
• Load Turning
• Chain Hoists / Load Drifting
• Winches and Blocks
• Levers, Jacking, Rolling
• Off-Level Pick Points

 Client Site * Training Centers * E-Learning
 Crane Training  Rigging Training
• Mobile Crane Operator
• Mobile Crane Inspector
• Overhead Crane Operator
• Overhead Crane Inspector
• Crane Assembly & Disassembly Director
• Basic Rigging
• Intermediate Rigging
• Advanced Rigging
• Rigging Gear Inspection 

• Signalperson
• Lift Directing
•Critical Lift Planning  


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