Industrial Services

Our Success Depends on Our Ability to Empower Yours.

Equip your workforce with the right tools for the job, the right information for safe operation, and the ongoing support needed to tackle the unexpected. A flexible resource for things and thinking, our team is ready to step up and do what needs doing. Even if that means designing and manufacturing a custom solution to keep your project humming along.

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Bolster Your Arsenal of Tools by Tapping Our Deep and Extensive Rental Inventory.

All commercial equipment comes with guaranteed on-time delivery backed by our factory-trained service experts, and is available to you with no upfront fees—we only charge for usage time.

Often, the question is not about who to rent from but rather: why rent at all? Click below to learn more on how renting will save you money and time.

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Explore our rental inventory & request a quote


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Confidently Reinforce Every Link in the Chain

Secure a solution that best fits the application and your timeline. In addition to specializing in standard below-the-hook rigging and lifting devices, we also accommodate whatever the day brings by manufacturing custom rigging at our branch locations.

Whether the solution is standard or custom, we have the expertise to inspect the rigging, provide instruction, and outfit your team with the latest safety equipment. Helping you stay OSHA-compliant is our way of protecting your workers and your bottom line.

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Rigging Training & Education

Improve the safety and productivity of your workforce.

The health of your team, your project and your company is directly linked to each individual’s knowledge and practice of compliant operations. As a member of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association and Associated Wire Rope Fabricators, we offer world-class training for safety and rigging in all trades available at your facility or ours. Expert rigging instruction is also available online, including manufacturer demos and professional affiliate demos.

Rigging Inspection & Repair

Stay up and running, safely.

Our expertise in rigging safety and compliance keeps your team focused on the job at hand. And if your rigging needs repair or replacement, we’re happy to offer custom-built solutions developed in-house.


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Our repair technicians take great pride in reviving the out-of-commission tools your team depends on. Speed, efficiency, quality workmanship—these are the measurements ruling our workshops.

That’s why we’re trusted by most major brand manufacturers to keep their products working as hard as you do. If we sell it, we can fix it. It’s that simple.