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Rigging Equipment

Confidently Reinforce Every Link in the Chain

Total Tool specializes in standard below-the-hook rigging, custom rigging equipment, and lifting devices, while stocking a wide inventory of webbing, slings, and rigging hardware to meet all your lifting needs. We manufacture synthetic slings on-site at our headquarters in St. Paul, MN which allows us to accommodate any special needs you might have. 

Beyond hardware, we offer rigging inspections, provide instructional courses and training, and outfit your team with the latest safety equipment. Helping you stay OSHA and ANSI compliant is our way of helping you protect your workers and bottom line.

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Rigging Equipment Training & Education   

Improve the safety and productivity of your workforce.

The well-being of your team, project, and company is directly linked to each individual’s knowledge and practice of compliant operations. Total Tool offers professional rigging training and education, to ensure your team stays safe. 

As a member of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association as well as the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators, we have the expertise to offer training across various trades on-site, at your facility or ours. Rigging instruction is also available online, including manufacturer demos and professional affiliate demos.

Rigging Inspection & Repair

Stay up and running, safely.

Our expertise in rigging safety and compliance goes beyond rigging equipment to keep your team focused on the job at hand. Rigging inspection and maintenance is crucial in keeping your site up and running. If your rigging needs repair or replacement, we can meet your requirements big and small.

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With Total Tool, our team has the expertise and experience to be your complete partner in all things rigging equipment, training, education, inspection, and repair.

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