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industrial tool repair


Construction equipment purchases should be a long-term investment. Partnering with Total Tool allows you to maximize your investment by extending the life of your tools with industrial tool repair – saving you time, money and effort.

Total Tool’s factory-authorized repair centers keep your tools and equipment on the clock with certified tool warranty repair. Each center employs certified industrial tool repair technicians that work with the speed, efficiency and quality you demand. Our repair technicians take great pride in reviving your out-of-commission tools to keep your products working as hard as you do.

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If We Sell It, We Can Fix It. It’s That Simple.

Total Tool offers industrial tool repairs for most major brands. Our expertise covers the following tools and equipment:

  • Air Tool
  • Core Drill
  • Hydraulic
  • Lift & Hoist
  • Material Lift
  • Piping & Cable Threader
  • Safety Equipment
  • Torque Wrench
  • And More

Keep Your Tools Compliant & up To Code

Construction equipment inspection saves more than just time, but also guarantees your tools are OSHA compliant. Total Tool’s certified repair technicians offer inspections to ensure you are up and running safely, in accordance with code, and keeping your site at full speed.

Prevent Costly Repairs With Ongoing Tool Maintenance

While having a trusted industrial tool repair partner on standby is great, you could save even more with regular ongoing tool maintenance that helps prevent costly repairs from ever being needed. Total Tool can work with your team to establish a maintenance schedule that keeps your tools and equipment clean and functioning properly.

The basics of industrial tool maintenance includes cleaning, sharpening, lubricating, and calibrating to ensure maximum performance. Doing this on a regular basis will keep your tools working as hard as you do. We can help you establish a maintenance schedule that works with your business needs, ensuring peace of mind and confidence. We can also work with you to ensure you have backup parts on hand so you can get up and running quickly.

Get Your Tools Back In Commission

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